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My Autism Walk for a Difference - Woodbridge Fundraising Page

Ann Cote
I know things have been crazy but would you consider donating? I have twin boys on the autism spectrum that turned 13 on March 9th. They are amazing young men and POAC has been able to give them social interactions just like any child. They teach the kids how to surf in the summer, Ride horseback, enjoy a trampoline park and BBQ’s too. POAC has trained, schools, bus drivers, Police officers, prison guards throughout the NJ state and now even for anyone that asks for it. Look up and see what they provide for the community. POAC is not about research but about the children and their families.

The last Woodbridge walk for Autism was in 2020. However we never got to finish the walk due to Covid. The organization, just like many non profits suffered these last 2 years. I am really hoping to have family and friend support POAC and the families in NJ that have children with a Disability. In NJ, 1 out of 33 children have been diagnosed with Autism. Here is a link to my personal page. Any amount helps.


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