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Liv’s Light

Alivia McCann

Sometimes my girl gives me a quick peak into her beautiful soul and regardless of how painful the peak can be, I am grateful for every opportunity she lets me in.

A window has opened for my girl, a window I fear won’t stay long. The window may have only opened a crack, but, through the window I could easily see her loneliness. No matter how uncomfortable she may feel, no matter how awkward she may seem and how scary uncharted territory may look, hearing her say “ I will try “ are three of the bravest words my girl has ever uttered.

No matter how much autism may tear at my heart, my girl has a way of always healing It ❤️

Thank you to our family, friends, and acquaintances your kindness and generosity touches my heart ❤️

The walk is May 5th @ Matthew Jago School if you’d like to walk with us please let me know.



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The world is yours Alivia! keep reaching my Angel. Love you Mama & Poppop

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