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Natalie Hammer

Our son Steven is one in a million… he is beautiful, bright, happy, healthy, and an amazing son. Steven is also 1 in 34 children in NJ with autism; and 1 in 22 boys with autism in NJ. Those two statistics unfortunately make NJ the state with the highest autism population in the country. The national average is 1 in 59 children.

With a large population of autism comes a very large need for services, training, and support. POAC provides FREE training and workshops to address behavioral, socialization, and communication deficits of children with special needs in addition to autism. POAC also provides FREE training and seminars to parents, students, law enforcement and first responders in autism recognition and response.

I said it last year, and I will say it again:

“Autism is a fight… the harder you fight and the harder you push to educate yourself and your child the better chance your child has.” So we continue fight...

Autism is EXPENSIVE!!! Things definitely need to change when it comes to access to affordable therapy and services after age 3 in NJ. NJ has one of the strongest early intervention programs for developmental delays along with one of the strongest autism insurance mandates for fully funded plans that are written in NJ. However, due to the high cost of these services, the insurer places higher deductibles and copays for them which can make it just as unattainable as an insurance program that doesn’t cover these services.

Autism can make it very tough to leave the home and do things that aren’t overwhelming or over stimulating. There are many autism friendly activities that we would never have the opportunity to do if it wasn’t for POAC. Because of your donations POAC is able to set up FREE family recreational activities all year long. They offer surfing, horseback riding, kayaking, indoor gym days, bowling and pizza parties, family barbeques, as well as an annual FREE family picnic/ carnival.

Your TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation means so much to so many people. No donation is too small. Thank you so much for supporting an organization that works so hard for children like our son Steven.



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