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My Autism Walk for a Difference -Sayreville Fundraising Page

Samantha Dobiszewski & Jordyn Sago - Captains


Hello! My name is Samantha. It is an honor to once again be the captain of Team Braylon for the 2020 POAC Autism Walk of Sayreville. Our last walk was such a huge success thanks to all of Braylon's family & friends! We had a wonderful turn out & raised enough money to put our team in first place! This year we are striving to do nothing less for such an amazing organization & lovable little boy! In our 2020 walk I am looking for forward to leading Braylon's team with his sister Jordyn!

I have personally known the Sago family for many years. Have had the privilege of working as a one on one teacher with Braylon, I was able to truly capture and get an understanding of his needs, goals and everyday routines. Parents Rob & Tamara Sago go above and beyond to ensure that their son is set up with all the necessary aids in order for Braylon to be able to excel in school, socially and personally throughout his everyday life. Their love, patience and guidance are unlike any other.

Not only his parents, but his sister Jordyn is a constant light in his life. She has taken on responsibilities as a young woman that most would think are unthinkable. Her love for her brother takes up an enormous part of her heart and she wouldn't have it any other way. While balancing her own high standings in school and dance, Jordyn always makes time for her brother. Braylon is truly so lucky to have a sister like Jordyn to help him constantly, be there for him & who will always be by his side throughout the rest of their lives together.

This year Team Braylon will be sponsored "ROB SAGO HOME GROUP OF RE/MAX PLATINUM" Owner, Rob Sago - Braylon's Father - is the one to turn to in the Industry. Be sure to stop by our table and get some information!

TEAM CLOTHING | Team Braylon TShirts will once again be a part of our fundraiser! This year I will personally be taking orders through my small shop Doby Designs Co. You can find a picture of our logo below! This year our moto is "Just Be Kind - Team Braylon." Shirt are $20 each. Doby Designs Co. will donate $5 per shirt towards our goal of $1,000 for Team Braylon. If you are walking or can not walk with us this year but would still like to order a shirt please contact Tamara Sago or contact me personally through email -

This foundation holds a special place in my heart. Any donation big or small will help us reach our 2020 goal. Please be sure to share our page to allow us to continue to spread awareness! Your support means the world to me,The Sago Family and to the POAC Autism Services. Every dollar we raise will advance POAC Autism Services's great cause! Additionally, you can ask me how you can get involved too.Together, we can make a difference! JOIN OUR TEAM TODAY!

Sayreville Walk
Saturday, May 30, 2020
11:00am - 2:00pm

Sayreville War Memorial High School
820 Washington Road
Sayreville, NJ



raised of $1,000 goal

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To help on behalf of my handsome nephew Braylon. I love you.
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