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Autism Walk for a Difference -Sayreville Fundraising Page

Paula Sokolowsky

Many of you know how much Kevin, Jim and I look forward to and enjoy POAC events. Unfortunately, as it stands now there may not be a POAC in 2021. Therefore, Kevin and many others like him will miss out on these fabulous events and the opportunity to practice social skills and see friends. The months April and May are typically referred to as Walk Season for POAC. For many years, it has been such a wonderful way to raise money and have a fun day out. Unfortunately, because of Covid-19 and everyone in our state being ordered to stay at home during Walk Season, all of the walks had to be cancelled and fund raising came to a halt. 😢 Fortunately, POAC is planning a virtual walk for Sunday, July 19th.

During the stay at home order, POAC has been there for our families: each day they have had some sort of online classes like zumba, music, movement and Kevin's favorite StoryTime with Mr. Gary each and everyday. These have been a lifesaver to break up the long days and even nights while being stuck at home. That has just been for the kids, for the parents they have changed their monthly support group meeting to a weekly virtual meeting and offered virtual workshops to parents and like always they were a just a phone call away if you needed someone to talk to.

I can't even imagine what will happen if POAC needed to close it's doors in 2021 because of lack of funds. This will be a huge loss not only for our family, but for the over 4,000 NJ families that are involved with POAC, not to mention; the teachers, paraprofessionals, first responders and police officers that attend workshops/trainings throughout the year if POAC is unable to exist in 2021.

POAC needs your support and your donations. They have done so much for us please join us int our fight to save them!! POAC is FAMILY STRONG ❤ Please help make someone's family life a little bit better today and help POAC remain strong with your donation.

From the bottom of our hearts Thank you for taking the time and supporting POAC with your donation❤

Love to all,
P,J, and of course K.



raised of $400 goal

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We love you guys, hope POAC keeps going strong!

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