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Team Shane Autism Walk for a Difference

Team Shane-Born To Run
POAC has been a big part of our family’s life since 2016. Ever since we attended Mr. Gary’s workshop Hidden Dangers, which was a tremendous education in what to do to help to keep Shane safe, we knew how special this organization was and the impact they would have on our family’s life. Since then, we’ve been incredibly fortunate to attend so many of their events for families like ours, which are free, and are places where our kids are accepted and can be themselves. These events are everything from swim parties, gym and pizza parties, surf events, bowling parties, and a lot more. One really exciting moment that happened just recently for us, was seeing Shane climb up a rock wall, and now he can’t wait to climb more!

POAC also provides training for police and first responders all over New Jersey, which has resulted in saving the lives of children and adults with autism. Please help support this great organization that continues to be a life changing force for so many families like ours.
Richard Ver Hage
  • Kristy Ver Hage
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