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Lauren Bergner

Thank you to all of you for your continued support of Brody and our family. We appreciate all of you and could not take part on this Autism journey without you.
Brody continues to make progress every day. He is doing well academically and achieving his goals in school. Brody continues to work on his speech which is a challenge for him. Speech is a hard skill for him. We have heard more words recently. He will say some words which consist of, mama, daddy, ball, more, bath,and no. He uses a speech communication device which allows him to communicate his wants and needs with this. He can ask to go places, tell us how he feels, ask for food, toys or people. We will never give up on hearing more of his voice but we are happy he is able to communicate with his device.
He is becoming more interested in spending time with his brothers and his family. He is more interactive and independent. He has gotten better at following directions He now has more play skills and wants to play with his family. ! He enjoys playing board games, playing with moon sand, and loves reading books with his mommy. He enjoys playing rough with his daddy and brothers. They enjoy wrestling together and being crazy boys! He loves music. He especially enjoys watching different songs on his ipad. He enjoys fun activities from swimming, swinging, going to the rides, going to the playground, bouncing on the trampoline, playing soccer and going to indoor gyms. He is the sweetest and most loving little boy. He brings us so much happiness and makes us see the world in a different way.
Please join us on June 2nd as we take part in the POAC Autism Walk.
POAC does so much for Brody and all other children that have Autism. Brody gets to take part in so many fun events because of the money you donate to POAC. He gets to go swimming monthly, surfing, beach parties, carnivals,dance parties and gymnastic events.
POAC trains fire fighters and EMS on what to do when they come in contact with an individual with Autism. POAC is a great support system and allows Brody to be accepted. POAC has become our Autism family.
We can go to POAC events and feel loved and are never judged. We are thankful for POAC and all they do.



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