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Our Autism Walk for a Difference - The Jax Pack Team Page

The Jax Pack

Come Join our team and take a walk to make a difference and to celebrate all of Jaxon’s progress this year!

Jaxon is working very hard daily and is making more and more progress due to his desire to learn. We celebrate the small stuff in our home daily but to look back at a year of progression, as a whole, is truly rewarding.

His progress becomes even more rewarding when we have the love and support from family and friends, like you, to celebrate with and to count on when times aren’t so easy. This organization has been a great find for us. POAC constantly gives back to the autism community in ways that make a great difference. Please join us and/or contribute so that Jaxon can continue to enjoy this great organization!

We love you! Thank you!


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Recent Donations

1. Barbara Bush
Behind you all the way baby Jaxon❤️
2. Lauren Mufson
Go Jax Pack! We love you!
3. Louise Duplissis
Good Luck Jax pack team!!
4. Romina Borsani
We celebrate progress!
5. Marilyn Matos
I support you Jaxon! <3
6. Melvin Santana
Love you Jax Pack!