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Team Brody June 7th POAC WALK

Lauren Bergner

Welcome Team Brody
The POAC (Parents Of Autistic Children) is June 7th in Clifton.
Thank you for the continued support and love.
Brody has such a strong team beside him. We are thankful for all of you.
Brody stared a new school this past July. He has adjusted well to his new school and is doing great there.He continues to make progress and makes us proud every day.. He has become more and more social . He is making friends and loves to interact with his family. He has gotten great at bike riding and playing catch. He loves to play with his brothers. He loves any water related activities. He especially loves surfing in the Summer. Brody continues to learn academically and is working on reading,science and math in school. He continues to use his ipad to communicate. He is able to express wants and needs. He can ask for family members and ask to go places.He can ask for foods, drinks, acivities, to read books, to play games and so much more. He has gotten to be a pro at requesting to go to places! He will ask to go to the rides, the backyard, the bakery and all sorts of places. He does verbalize some words and we continue to celebrate all of these milestones. We will never give up on hearing his sweet voice.He is full of love and pure joy. He brings a smile to all of us.

Please join us as we walk on June 7th.
All our love!!
Lauren and Bill

POAC provides free activites for autistic children and for the whole family. Brody has gotten to go swimming, surfing, gymnastics events, dance parties and so much more. Brody is able to go to these events and be himself. POAC provides so many opportunities for Brody

Walking with POAC, you are a part of that difference. You are a part of that impact. Because of your actions, thousands of police and first responders will be trained this year and lives will be saved. Because of your actions, thousands of NJ students will learn about autism and the importance of friendship. Because of your actions thousands of hours of free training will be available for parents and educators throughout our state. Because of your actions, thousands of children and adults with autism and their families will participate in recreational events they might never even thought about trying.



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Team Brody