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Karen Menser

Thank you for taking part in our team for Paul! We have been doing this walk for many years now and continue to do so in our efforts to keep autism acceptance and awareness. Paul is going to be 8 this year on National Autism Awareness Day. He has made so many strides since we first started. Paul is very active and athletic and enjoys all the POAC events they offer to our families. Everything you donate will go directly back to autism training, seminars for the families, events for the kids, swim lessons, music classes and more. Autism is a beautiful thing and unique thing, it can also be very challenging on a daily basis. These children are so aware of their surroundings and how people perceive them. Paul is truly an angel and a blessing to all who know him and love him. He has opened our eyes to so many things in life and made each thing more beautiful. Please donate to help these kids enjoy life to the fullest as they should! Karen



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