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Welcome to Lauren O'Connor Ellis's Page

Lauren O'Connor Ellis

Hi teammates! Thanks for visiting my page. Henry just turned SIX and has come so far in the past year.

I've said it before... but if you haven't met Henry yet, you're seriously missing out. Henry is one of the happiest, fun loving kiddos I know. If you give him a little time, Henry will affect you. With Henry, you can see the world from a beautifully different point of view. You will be fortunate to befriend a truly genuine and kind soul. And, you will play trains. Lots and lots of trains.

Henry loves to play, to learn and to make friends. But, these things are often difficult for him. He faces different challenges than most kiddos his age. Thanks to POAC, the largest provider of Autism Services in NJ, we have access to resources, workshops, support and super fun events that help Henry and our family continue to grow.

Help us give back! Please consider donating to Team #MyHeroHenry and join us for some fun on May 18th!!!



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Good Luck!!

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