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It's that time again, time for my yearly plea for an organization that has not only changed my son's life, but so many other children struggling with autism every single day.
I remember the day my son, Alex, was born.  He was delivered a few weeks earlier then he should have been but all seemed ok.  I just sat in awe of how adorable he was.
I remember when he wasn’t responding to his name or to most noises at all.  We thought maybe he could not hear well and had his hearing tested.  I remember it all, including his silence.  Therapies at our home, preschool, and my first time hearing the word "IEP". I didn’t always understand it and many times I didn’t even get to process it.  My daughter  followed a “typical” path and it never occurred to me that my son would do it any other way, we all have those dreams for our children.

There have been many emotions along the way, a lot of blaming myself and if I did all I could do, is it my fault he has autism.  These are thoughts that occur every single day of my life.

What can I tell you that helped us....POAC, Parent of Autistic Children.

We were not alone.  We didn't ask to be in this “club”, but it is actually the strongest club I have ever been a part of. We are a fierce group and will help one another along the way. We ask questions and we fight for our babies.

Alex is such a happy boy. He reminds me every day of the simplicities in life, he shows me that some of the expectations we set for ourselves and others are not what really matter, and at the end of the day, we have love and we have laughter.

POAC continues to teach me and others to deal with our struggles and cherish our triumphs.  Please click the link below to help this organization continue to guide families and help so many beautiful children struggling with autism every day.  Thank you.


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We love you Alex!!!! Aunt Lisa & Brandy❤️
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