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Welcome to Through Anthony's Eyes

Nicole LaCugna

The incredible story of our youngest son Anthony began 7 years ago. Many of you may not know, but our son Anthony is non-verbal and faces many developmental challenges. Even though Anthony is non-verbal he has this unique way of telling his story. He lets us into his life through his eyes. They tell an amazing story that our family and friends cherish. With that we have decided to name our team “Through Anthony’s Eyes”. Although he faces these challenges, he has the ability to capture and warm the hearts of everyone that comes into his life and has a smile that can light up any room. He is a warm, loving, smart and caring little boy. To honor our son and the many people today that have been placed on the Autism Spectrum we are going to walk at the Autism Walk for a Difference event. This event will be held at the Lakewood Blue Claws Stadium on May 18th. at 11am. The organization responsible for this event is POAC, they help raise awareness throughout our communities and also acceptance for Anthony and the entire Autistic community. With the continuous help of our family, his school and his therapist, Anthony has come so far and continues to grow and learn. Anthony has an amazing family and friends, especially his big brother Nicholas to love and support his growth. With your support, the Autism research, awareness and acceptance can continue. We truly appreciate your support!

Thank you for all of your support! - “Through Anthony’s Eyes”



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