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Welcome to NJAW's Team Jayden

Stacey Murray

POAC gets no funding at all from the state, please help me reach my goal so I can help them continue to keep Jayden and other children with autism happy and safe <3

POAC is the largest provider of FREE autism training and education in the state.
POAC provides thousands of hours of FREE family recreational activities all year long for those with autism and their families. These include: surfing, horseback riding, movies, indoor gym days, bowling and pizza parties, swimming, and FREE Family Carnivals throughout NJ.
POAC provides FREE training and support for parents and educators throughout the state.
POAC provides training for thousands of police and first responders every year. this training is directly credited with saving lives all over our state.
POAC funded the first statewide program for the early detection of and intervention for children with autism.
POAC’s online support group, the New Jersey Autism Warriors (with thousands of parent members), provides access to information, support, and more 24 hours a day.
POAC sits on the Governor’s Council on Autism which provides millions of dollars of funding for autism research every year.
POAC increases public awareness of autism and its effects on individuals and families.
POAC addresses, supports, and promotes legislative issues that affect those with autism and their families.
POAC provides FREE outreach and training in autism to middle school, high school, and college students in New Jersey.



raised of $3,000 goal

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