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Welcome to Liane Birchler's Page

Liane Birchler

Dear Family & Friends,

This year brought a new set of challenges for Tim to face - primarily in the form of middle school. I am happy to report that after many sleepless nights for this crazy mom, Tim has once again exceeded all expectations. Some of his many accomplishments this year include making honor roll, being the only 6th grade boy to make the cross country county meet, placing 3rd in the school spelling bee and winning the 6th grade basketball championship. Tim still struggles in some areas and some days are better than others but we are so proud of him for really putting himself out there in ways in which we weren't sure he would ever be comfortable. We consider ourselves very lucky to have the support of family, friends, teachers and therapists - all of whom have had a hand in Tim's success.

Through our autism journey we were introduced to an organization called POAC (Parents of Autistic Children). Each year POAC provides hundreds of free events for the autism community including: free training and education for parents and educators; free recreational and support services to children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families; and free training for police and first responders. Tim has met many friends through POAC’s partner , New Jersey Autism Warriors.

POAC funded the first statewide program for the early detection of and intervention for children with autism. They address, support, and promote legislative issues that affect those with autism and their families.

The Birchler Bunch is walking for POAC because:

* Every 11 minutes another child is diagnosed with autism.

* POAC provides training for thousands of police and first responders every year. This training is directly credited with saving lives all over our state.

* POAC provides thousands of hours of free recreational events for those with autism and their families every year.

* POAC provides training and support for parents and educators throughout the state.

* POAC sits on the Governor's Council on Autism which provides millions of dollars of funding for autism research every year.

* The money we raise will make a real difference in the lives of children with autism right here in New Jersey.

Please consider donating to our team here:

No donation is too small and any support is greatly appreciated. Please share my page and spread the word to help me reach my fundraising goal.

Thank you!




raised of $1,500 goal

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