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We walk for Carter

Tara Lorentz
Carter Joseph Lorentz. A little boy with a sense of humor, an intelligent mind and a heart of gold. A little boy who has never come across an obstacle he couldn’t overcome. My sweet six pound baby turned handsome young man in what feels like the blink of an eye. Anyone who knows Carter, knows how truly special he is. Adam and I are so incredibly proud of how far Carter has come since his Autism diagnosis almost five years ago. Autism has taught me that life can be hard, yet so beautiful at the same time. God made Carter with a dash of autism and it’s one of the many things that makes him so special. He sees life through a different lens, and that’s okay. It’s funny because when you have a child you want to teach them so many things, yet they end up teaching you so much more. Some of the things Carter has taught us is kindness, compassion, being open and receptive to new things, and learning to celebrate the little victories in life.

I’m hoping you can join our family for a walk to help raise money to help POAC continue to provide services to families like ours year round!


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